Press Release - September 2010

Capitol Fulfillment is a warehousing and fulfillment company that offers complete order processing and fulfillment requirements. The company offers all kinds of services required in the field of warehousing and fulfillment. Any company’s marketing campaign just does not stop when the customers decide to purchase their products or services. The most integral part of any company’s marketing campaign is order fulfillment, delivery, receipt of the goods and service support to the customer. To get all these services right, a business would need to hire services of a direct response fulfillment company such as Capitol Fulfillment Center. Capitol Fulfillment Center has the best location advantage as it is perfectly based in Illinois. Illinois is the fifth-highest populous state of the United States. In addition, this is the most populous state in the Midwest region to offer effective warehousing and fulfillment services.

If you are still evaluating the pros and cons of hiring a direct response fulfillment company, you ought to know that there are many advantages that a fulfillment company offers. A fulfillment company is the one which carries out various tasks and orders for customers who hire them. The main task is to fulfill the order by properly delivering products according to the customers’ order requirements. The main services that these fulfillment centers offer are warehousing (storing your inventory for easy and timely delivery of products to your clients), order processing (once your company gets the order, it is passed on to the fulfillment center which then completes all the picking and packing and delivers the order within the set deadline). If your business is just starting up or expanding, high shipping costs can sometimes create hindrance in cracking deals with clients. Our Fulfillment Company has centralized accounts with several freight companies and hence they can offer significant discounts to your company.

Hiring a fulfillment company such as Capitol Fulfillment Center can help in normal functioning of any business. It can even extend the services beyond sales and marketing. If your business has got a reliable fulfillment company, you can be rest assured to get the smooth flow of operation. Contact Capitol Fulfillment Center and find out how they can offer services to benefit your business.

About Capitol Fulfillment Center

Capitol Fulfillment Center is a complete direct response fulfillment company. The company offers order processing, product fulfillment and literature fulfillment, EDI services, kit assembly, pick and pack services and many more. The company also offers DRTV fulfillment services, e-check processing, e-commerce shopping carts and infomercial fulfillment to state a few. The company is dedicated toward providing complete services to ensure the seamless flow of sales and marketing activities of their clients.

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