Press Release - October 5, 2010

"Capitol Fulfillment Center and Straight Cents News Network Join efforts to promote new products."

Capitol Fulfillment Center and Straight Cents News Network, will be working together to provide clients with media solutions and product fulfillment. The Straight Cents News Network inaugural show airs October 9th and 10th on the My Family TV Network, DirecTV and Dish Network. Capitol Fulfillment Center will provide product Fulfillment and Direct Response Marketing, while Straight Cents News Network provides financial and business television programming that caters to the general public with or without financial sophistication, bringing featured financial news and information to viewing audiences of all ages.

Winchester, IL October 5, 2010 - Capitol Fulfillment Centers’ Executive Director Jesse Brown and Straight Cents News Network General Manager /Anchor Host Peter Umbrianna join together to assist the general public in featuring their products, inventions or services on national television to help launch, market and further branding of their products, inventions or services. Existing clients of Capitol Fulfillment Center are excited with this new opportunity to feature their products on national television and reach consumers that could use or benefit from their product or services. Capitol Fulfillment offers product fulfillment and brand marketing through its partner agency for all your needs.

Capitol Fulfillment Center’s PR manager Erin Evans states: "Capitol Fulfillment also provides marketing features through website building and hosting. A good website can offer your company virtually free advertising, however, the key is that potential customers must find your website first. This obstacle can be overcome with no work from you through our website optimization benefits. Capitol Fulfillment is an affordable, effective way to enhance your company's appeal to new and existing clients."

Capitol Fulfillment Center’s CEO Mike Evans states: "Our Direct Response Teams are dedicated to quality control and precise shipping procedures to ensure that a client’s valuable product ships to the end consumer in a timely fashion. We build our business around repeat business, which begins and ends with my DRT groups. Clients can rest assured that their order fulfillment will be done properly and efficiently."

Straight Cents News Network General Manager /Anchor Host Peter Umbrianna states: "SCNN is excited about partnering with a professional, world class operation like Capitol Fulfillment Centers. Our show segment we call, Featured Products, will allow inventors or entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their products, inventions or services on national television to over 60+ million households. Consumers will then be able to inquire about or purchase these products or services. The fulfillment end of this process is critical and that’s why we teamed up with Capitol Fulfillment Centers. There’s nobody better in that business than them."

For additional information on Straight Cents News Network contact Peter Umbrianna, general manager or visit

Capitol Fulfillments Center’s Executive Director/ Jesse Brown states: We understand that accessibility, organization, efficiency, and effectiveness are important qualities that organizations must offer to compete in today's competitive business world. Our services include warehousing, order processing, and pick and pack services. As well as direct response TV, call centers, and shipping and handling services.

For additional information on Capitol Fulfillment Centers contact Erin Evans or visit

About Capitol Fulfillment Center:

Capitol Fulfillment Center is a complete warehousing and fulfillment company that you can count on for all your order processing and fulfillment needs. We are here to provide you with honest and reliable solutions that will give you peace of mind. We have experience in dealing with order processing, product fulfillment, kit assembly, anything in the area of warehousing and fulfillment, you just name it we do it. You can therefore confidently send us your requirements and be sure of highly streamlined flow of all fulfillment activities carried out as per your specifications to the last detail.

Erin Evans, Director of Public Relations
Capitol Fulfillment Center
(888) 324-7113

About Straight Cents News Network:

Straight Cents News Network, SCNN is one of the first financially oriented programs to cater to the general public with or without financial sophistication, bringing featured financial news and information to viewing audiences of all ages. The program content debuts various organizations and individuals using an informative, interview expose in plain language. Branded as the financial show for “the people,” meaning everyone, episodes feature sponsored and unsponsored segments allowing virtually any size organization to have a national broadcast to over 60+ million households across North America and worldwide via the Internet

Peter Umbrianna, General Manager
9A Hamilton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Visit their website at Remember, Straight Cents spelled CENTS makes SENSE!

Jesse Brown is author of this article.
Erin Evans is co-author of this article.
Peter Umbrianna is co-author of this article.

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