Press Release - January 2010

Capitol Fulfillment Services In The Midwest Reduces Up To Fifty Percent on Shipping Cost For Its Clients

Capitol Fulfillment Center in the Midwest is one of the top-rated warehousing and fulfillment company. It offers reliable fulfillment solutions to its clients at affordable prices.

Winchester IL - Capitol Fulfillment Center offers comprehensive warehousing and fulfillment solutions for all kinds of businesses. Whether it is order processing, pick and pack or 3rd party fulfillment, they have the right solutions for all their customers’ needs. They also specialize in DRTV response fulfillment solutions.

They have been in this business for several years and they are well equipped. The company is capable of handling all kinds of fulfillment requirements with ease. They also have highly experienced team to provide confusion free Midwest warehousing fulfillment needs.

Capitol Fulfillment Center is known for its cost effective warehousing solutions. They always provide highly customized fulfillment solutions to match their customers’ exact specifications and budget. No fulfillment requirements are too big for them to handle. Their vast experience in this field helps them provide highly professional fulfillment solutions despite the size of the order that they are dealing with.

They understand that each of their customers’ requirements is unique and each fulfillment order requires attention to details to ensure perfect completion of the order. Many small and medium sized businesses return to Capitol Fulfillment Center for their order processing requirements. New customers can be sure of the same perfect order processing solution with Capitol Fulfillment Center.

They are a highly trustworthy company and all their services are priced very competitively. They do not levy any hidden charges to their customers. Their pricing structure is transparent and straightforward. Customers will always know in advance what their warehousing and fulfillment expenses would be with Capitol Fulfillment Center. As Capitol Fulfillment Center is a complete fulfillment solution provider, customers need not have to look any further for their order fulfillment needs. They take up anything from 1 order per day to 1000 orders per day. The entire operation is run seamlessly with experienced professionals. They will also be able to take care of kit assembly.

With Capitol Fulfillment Center, meeting deadlines will never be a problem. In warehousing and fulfillment industry, meeting deadlines can be a huge problem to vendors. Having mastered the art of warehousing and fulfillment, Capitol Fulfillment Center does not allow its customers to get anxious or frustrated at any stage. They set very strict standards for themselves in meeting their customers’ deadlines.

Capitol Fulfillment Center offers EDI capabilities for its clients. Moreover, this company offers free storage for pick and pack clients. This saves a lot of money for their customers. Their fulfillment services in the Midwest reduce shipping cost for their clients up to 50%. They also provide their customers guidance on choosing the most cost effective shipping options.

Jesse Brown is author of this article.

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