Press Release - February 2010

Ship Products with Fulfillment to Customers

Storage of goods and shipment of products are very important for both the retail and wholesale sectors because they need to make sure that the manufactured products are in good shape while delivering to the customers and clients, respectively. The companies that have to ship the goods have to make sure that the fulfillment product services chosen are reliable and effectively functional. It is necessary for an efficient business to have access to an efficient fulfillment service. Before you hire the company, you need to know the different kinds of fulfillment services offered by the industry for your storing, packaging and shipping of merchandise.

You will find nutraceutical fulfillment, drtv response fulfillment, supplements fulfillment and many more services in the store. The service is segregated in such a way so that one can easily select the fulfillment service after analysing their requirements. The service provider will ensure that your customers get their products in a timely manner. Furthermore, you will also be offered catalog fulfillment service because catalog shopping is still considered to be a trusted, convenient, and popular shopping channel globally. The firm assures that this service will take care of several other operations such as warehousing, order entry, shipping, receiving, returns, inventory tracking, payment processing, and database management.

You can avail of the fulfillment warehouse service to pile up the boxes that are loaded onto trucks for delivery. Besides, the agencies also offer other unique services such as order fulfillment services. This system serves the purpose of several companies that needs a space to store their goods. Depending on the expected preference, the service provider will act as a distributor and practice the wholesale distribution of goods to local and individual shops. The client will be updated about the order processing status till the items are not delivered! This method of fulfillment service is highly useful to the wholesalers.

Apart from that, there is a product fulfillment service that gives importance to delivering the goods at the doorstep of the customers. It is commonly used by the retailers. The pick and pack service is a part of a complete supply chain management that deals with processing small to large quantities of products. In this, the products are often truck or train loaded and they are backed with disassembling as well. It also entails picking the relevant product for each destination, and re-packaging with shipping label affixed and invoice included.

For your product fulfillment, you can seek help from a 3rd party company to take over shipping your products. The 3rd party fulfillment service provider will ensure that your products are not damaged. For them, the key objective is to check that the cartons are not damaged and loads are evaluated for quick assembly. Instead of an in-house fulfillment service, it is highly advisable to opt for outsourcing because the professionals ensure low cost services.

Jesse Brown is author of this article.

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