Press Release - February 2010

Direct Response Television (DRTV)

DRTV or Direct Response Television includes any Television advertising that requires consumers to respond directly to the company. This can be done by visiting their website or calling an 800 number. It is a form of direct response marketing. 'Short form' and 'long form' are the two types of direct response television. Any DRTV commercial that is less than two minutes or is two minutes in length qualifies for a short form. Conversely, a commercial longer than two minutes is a long form commercial. There are direct response fulfillment services that can be tailored to meet each client's individual business requirements and needs.

Infomercial product fulfillment is a service fast catching up. A vast variety of products including DVDs, books, body care products, beauty products, nutritional supplements, kitchenware, etc can be shipped. Thousands of orders are processed for product fulfillment and product distribution each day. This is done by using a variety of data feeds such as batch order files, real time processing through API calls, phone, mail, fax and EDI. Upon arrival, fax and mail orders are immediately entered in for expedient processing. All call center and website/e-commerce orders are instantly imported into the service provider's fulfillment system for real time order processing and lightning- fast shipping.

Clients can easily process thousands of orders each day for literature fulfillment, sales and marketing material distribution. Orders are accepted through a variety of data feeds as mentioned above. Whether you are sending books, direct mail, catalogs or other material, literature fulfillment services can be tailored to meet the demands of every client. Wise businessmen will always think of ways to save money while ensuring good quality products and services at the same time. As a matter of fact, many companies are resorting to outsourcing. Companies are outsourcing everything that they can to other companies. For instance, a third party logistics company can help a business that is not familiar with the city find a public warehouse for products they may want to ship to the area.

In a business, your main goal should be to assess or ascertain your target audience. Once you understand your target market, everything will fall into place. This specifically holds true in the retail distribution system. Wholesale customers are patient compared to retail customers. Retail customers like to have their purchases immediately. This calls for an effective retail distribution system. An effective system will help you keep track of all your orders, backorders and shipping. This will keep your clients well informed and updated.

Direct response fulfillment services will help you improve your integrated marketing strategies including shipping and logistics, customer service, e-store hosting and development, real-time reporting, etc. DRTV commercials are a great combination of television advertising and direct marketing. A DRTV commercial is an affordable way to market to your target audience. You can effectively reach out to other markets and pull them in.

Jesse Brown is author of this article.

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