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Our DRTV infomercial fulfillment order processing and fulfillment services for direct response are tailored to meet each client’s individual business requirements and needs. We ship a huge variety of products, including books, DVDs, nutritional supplements, body care products, kitchen and barware and much more. Each day, we process thousands of orders DRTV infomercial fulfillment order processing and fulfillment services for direct response and premium merchandise distribution using a variety of data feeds, such as real time processing through API calls, batch order files (in most all formats), EDI, fax, phone, and mail. Upon arrival, mail and fax orders are immediately entered in for expedient processing. All call center and website/e-commerce orders are immediately imported into our fulfillment system for real-time order processing and lightning-fast shipping.

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Direct Response Fulfillment and Infomercial Product Fulfillment

When you are setting up your direct response fulfillment or infomercial product fulfillment you must make sure that you have a reliable order fulfillment system. The success of your direct response fulfillment or infomercial campaign will depend totally on your order fulfillment system. Many companies invest a lot of money in infomercial campaigns but lose money as their campaign turns out to be a failure. One of the major reasons for the failure is because they do not have a reliable system that backs the campaign.

Direct Response Marketing and Infomercial Campaigns

The main idea of direct response marketing and infomercial campaigns is to minimize the number of hurdles that are placed between the buyer and the seller. In the regular marketing cycle, there will be too many elements in the form of intermediaries. This makes the company get out of touch with their actual end users. This can lead to many problems at a later stage in the marketing cycle and eventually, the marketer can lose their customers because their products no longer meets the requirements of the customers’ changing needs. When it comes to direct response marketing and infomercial product marketing, customers get in touch with the seller directly without any intermediaries.

Order Fulfillment Backing

Without a dependable order fulfillment backing, it is not possible to make your campaign successful. When there is no reliable order fulfillment service, your brand will no more be considered reliable. Even customers who are interested in your products will find it difficult to depend on you if you fail to respond to them in a timely manner. We remove all these risks and problems faced by the business in direct response marketing and infomercial campaigns. We are a full service order fulfillment company. We will handle everything that is required to make your infomercial campaign a success. We handle everything from warehousing, packaging, labeling, shipping and tracking of the product. You can confidently entrust your direct response fulfillment needs and your infomercial order fulfillment needs to us. This is what we do and we are good at it. You do not have to be hassled with shipping and warehousing issues. We have an established system that is capable of handling large number of orders. You can concentrate on something more crucial and on marketing your products while we will be able to efficiently handle all the backend operations.

You will never have to worry about delays in product fulfillment and delivery of the products. We have well trained professionals who will take care of your infomercial order fulfillment needs. As part of our direct response fulfillment services we also handle inbound customer service. Our comprehensive direct response and infomercial order fulfillment services will also take care of order processing, billing and returns. You can just sit back relax and keep track of the success rate of your direct response campaigns.

Warehouse Ownership versus Third Party Logistics

If you were to have your own warehouse, manage your own shipping processes, you would only be able to concentrate on the core functionalities of your business. Shipping and handling can be done by any reliable third party company but there are other important functions which cannot be performed by third party companies. It will in fact work out to be cheaper for you to outsource your direct response fulfillment and infomercial product fulfillment to our company. Moreover, when we do it, we will ensure that there are no delays in dispatching of the products because that is all we do. When you have to handle it in-house, it will be part of one of the crucial functions of your business activities. In such a situation, the chances are more for delays and confusions to occur.

Your customers will never come to know that your order fulfillment is done at a third party premises. We will ensure that we follow strict quality standards in packing and labeling. There will be no confusions whatsoever. We have a large facility that is capable of handling vast range of products.

Wide Range of Product Fulfillment

We are already dealing with a wide range of products including body care products, nutritional supplements, kitchenware, books and DVDs. Your product range will never be a problem. We will be able to handle them effectively as per your specifications. Having experience in dealing with wide range of merchandise, no product is too difficult for us to handle. Over the years we have perfected our direct response and infomercial order fulfillment processes. We have highly streamlined order fulfillment process that minimizes wasted time and eradicates confusion. We understand very clearly that mistakes in this industry can be very expensive. So the entire process is carried out with utmost care and attention.

Real Time Processing Through API Calls, EDI, Fax, Phone and Mail

We make use of all the latest technologies available in order fulfillment and logistics including real time processing through API calls, EDI, Fax, Phone and mail. We also handle call center and e-commerce orders in a very prompt fashion. We consider it as our own business and make the entire process seamless. This is the only way to win the trust of the customers. We are also fully conscious that our success depends on your success. So we are even more careful in handling all your direct response infomercial fulfillment and direct response product fulfillment services.

You will find our services highly competitive when compared to our competitors. However, we offer premium and unmatched logistics solutions. Our lightning fast shipping solutions and services impress our customers and all our customers return to us.

Highest customer retention rate in this industry

We enjoy the highest customer retention rate in this industry. Third party order fulfillment service is a very challenging field and there is stiff competition in this industry. Even a minor mistake can take us down. We have been the industry leaders from the time we entered this industry. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today for a detailed discussion on your requirements and let us help you set up a successful direct response campaign and infomercial campaign.




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